My Personal advice to every independent artist is to learn the business, You will have help at times but its important to have the ability to wear every hat, You can't run a business if you don't know whats going on”

— Roc Kartel

My Story

Jabari Gibbons, professionally known as Roc Kartel is a Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter with a sound so unique he has the ability to demand the attention of listeners. Currently residing in Los Angeles the Prince George's County, Maryland native became popular in his hometown(DMV) for his 2014 local hit song 'Panama’ which received consistent spins and local buzz. Influenced by acts such as Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Bushwick Bill and many more he has managed to reach fans across the US. “I'm heavily influenced by those three names mainly because they were extremely creative and original like no other. MJ will leave you mind-fucked with his dancing and music, Dre will have you bumping heavy with his legendary album 'The Chronic’ his style of production and skits and the fact that you can only stream it on Apple Music makes it one of the greatest albums of all time, Bushwick will have you thinking deep plan and simple”


Infused with musical passion at a young age, In 2011 Roc decided to pursue a full time music career. He released a music video for his successful song 'Real Woman’ in January 2017, since the release it managed to capture over 33k in streams across major music platforms, he also caught the attention of a few popular media blogs. Later that year he picked up where he left off with the release of 'Energy’ which became a fan favorite. In 2018, Kartel relocated to LA he described it as “a change that needed to be done, new insights new inspiration”. Later that year he released his Ep 'Bury The Hatchet’ along with single 'Crazy Moniqua’.

In 2020, Roc Kartel released his new Ep "Time is Now" as he describes the story behind the title " Tomorrow ain't promised so i live for today, Time is Now"